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How to find qibla using mobile phone?


1 month ago

One of the blessings of technology that makes our lives easier is determining the direction of qibla with a cell phone. When we have difficulty determining the qibla direction, our cell phone comes to the rescue. So how do we find the qibla direction with a cell phone? Let your smartphone find the qibla for you.

Those who want to find the qibla direction with their cell phones can determine the qibla direction precisely by using the following methods. Most cell phones use compass sensor or magnetometer technology. You can find your qibla direction by taking advantage of this feature of smartphones. The first method is to install applications on your cell phone (Google Play Store vs Apple App Store) such as Qibla Compass to find the direction of Qibla. By enabling location or GPS service on your phone, you can find your qibla direction when you log in to these apps. Qibla compass apps usually use GPS and magnetic sensors to determine your location and orientation to show the correct Qibla direction. However, sometimes factors such as magnetic fields or physical obstacles can affect the correct measurement, so it is important to check that the compass is working correctly.

The second method is to find the qibla direction with the help of online maps. By activating the location (GPS) service on your cell phone, you can see your qibla direction line within seconds when you log in to online qibla finder sites. When you log in to online qibla finder services that use Google Maps infrastructure, you can easily determine your qibla direction with the qibla line drawn between your location and the Kaaba. By applying this qibla line to the houses, streets and other objects around you, you will be able to determine your qibla direction precisely. We recommend that you use to find the qibla with an online map.

The third method of finding Qibla with cell phones is to find the direction of Qibla by using compasses with the magnetic sensor feature of smartphones. Some cell phones have a magnetic sensor (Magnetometer). These sensors detect magnetic fields and allow you to use your smart device as a compass. In order to find the Qibla direction from your smart cell phone with magnetic compass or magnetometer support, you first need to learn the qibla degree of your location. First of all, we should make sure that our cell phone is away from objects that create magnetic fields such as other technological devices and metals. Hold the phone flat and parallel to the ground or place it on a table. Then, while the location (GPS) service is active on your cell phone, if you have a compass application, turn it on. We will then apply the qibla degree of your location to the compass. Rotate the cell phone until it shows the qibla for your location. Stop when you find the qibla degree. The direction that the qibla degree of your location shows is your qibla direction. (Check whether your cell phone has a compass sensor or magnetic sensor to find the Qibla in this way!)


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