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Qibla direction at my location


3 weeks ago

The biggest problem for those who want to pray in a place where you do not know the qibla is the direction of qibla. In such cases, the search for the direction of qibla begins with questions such as “qibla direction from my location”, “Qibla Which Direction”, “Online qibla direction from my location”. But what makes the qibla direction important? What can you do to find the direction of Qibla where you are? Which methods can I use to find the qibla direction of my location? You will find the answers to these and similar questions in this article.

Qibla, which means direction and orientation, refers to the direction of the Ka’bah that Muslims turn towards while praying. Performing the prayer in the direction of the qibla is one of the conditions of prayer. It is important to fulfill this condition for the validity of the prayer. So how do we determine the qibla direction of our location?

It is possible to determine the direction of Qibla in our country/city or location in one of the following ways.

1- Finding the qibla direction with a compass

The most important tool used to find direction is the compass. So how to find the qibla direction with a compass? If you want to find the qibla with a compass, you will need two things: a compass (for example a magnetic compass) and the qibla degree of your location.

Now hold the compass in your hand parallel to the ground. You can also place it on a fixed object such as a table to take measurements. The most important part of the compass is a magnetic needle. This needle is mounted on the compass body to move freely. Wait until the compass needle is stationary. The (red) colored tip of the compass needle always points north. This makes it easy to find directions. When you turn in the direction indicated by the colored compass needle, your front will point north, your back will point south, your right arm will point east and your left arm will point west. (For the northern hemisphere) Based on these cardinal directions, you can find your qibla direction approximately. Of course, you need to decide according to the geographical location of the country you live in. You can pray towards this qibla direction, which we have found by determining the direction with a compass. However, if you want to determine the qibla direction precisely and clearly, you need to know the qibla direction degree of your location.

To find the qibla precisely with the help of a compass, do the following: First of all, we need to find the angle of Qibla in our location. You can use qibla finder sites on the internet to find out the degree of qibla. We remind you that you need to use the qibla degree for the compass.  We will then measure away from objects that create a magnetic field. Now hold the compass in your hand parallel to the ground. We wait until the compass needle is fixed. We turn the compass until the colored compass needle coincides with N on the compass bezel. We stop when N intersects with the colored compass needle. Now, we find the qibla degree clockwise starting from N. The direction indicated by the qibla degree for our location is our qibla direction. We have now determined our qibla direction precisely and 100% accurately, and we can now pray in the direction of the qibla we have found with peace of mind.

2- Finding Qibla direction with the sun

Wherever you are, the direction in which the sun rises is east. When you face the direction in which the sun rises, your back side is west. For the northern hemisphere, your right side is south and your left side is north. From here, you can approximately determine your qibla direction based on the location of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

3- Finding Qibla Direction with a dial clock

You can also find your qibla with the help of a wristwatch with a dial and the position of the sun. In the northern hemisphere, position the hour hand of your watch (which is short and points to the hour) so that it points to the sun. The bisector between the hour hand of your watch and the 12 o’clock point (the line centering the hour hand and 12 o’clock) will point south. If your country is in the southern hemisphere, intersect the sun with the 12 o’clock point, not the hour hand. That is, position the top 12 o’clock point towards the sun. The sun side of the bisector formed between the 12 o’clock point and the hour hand (the line centering the hour hand and 12 o’clock) will point north and the opposite will point south.

4- Finding the qibla in nature

Ants are sun-loving animals. Therefore, they build their nests in places where they can see the sun. In order to benefit from the sun, they pile the mouth part of their nests on the south side and the soil they remove while building the nest on the north side. Land mosses like moisture and do not like sunlight. Mosses formed on the trunks of trees and stones indicate the north side. The snow on the north-facing side of mountains and slopes melts later.

5- Find qibla online

For those who want to determine the qibla direction precisely and quickly, we recommend using the qibla finding services that are broadcast on the internet. We recommend online mapping services that use Google Maps infrastructure, which gives the qibla direction line of your location. is a site that uses Google Maps infrastructure and allows you to find the qibla direction online. When you log in to this service while the location feature of your computer or mobile phone is active, your location will quickly be found on the online map. You can easily find your qibla direction with the qibla direction line drawn between your location and the Kaaba on the online map. You can easily determine your qibla direction by applying your qibla direction line shown on the online map to reference points such as houses, roads and streets around you.

6- Finding Qibla with a cell phone

We can easily find the Qibla with a cell phone. We can determine our qibla direction with applications such as Qibla Compass or Qibla Finder, which we will download from the App Store or Google Play Store. However, in order to get accurate results through these applications, your mobile device must have a compass sensor or gyroscope feature. Moreover, not every phone may have a compass sensor. In such cases, unfortunately, we may not be able to determine our qibla direction correctly. So what should we do to find our qibla direction correctly with a cell phone?

To find the qibla direction with a cell phone, you can use sites or services that show the qibla direction with the help of online maps. In order to benefit from these services, the internet and location features of your cell phone must be active. When you log in to these sites, your qibla direction line between your location on the online map and the Kaaba will be found within seconds. You can use your qibla direction line to find your qibla direction by taking advantage of the houses, streets, workplaces and similar indicators around you. Those who wish can also get the qibla degree of their location from these sites and find the qibla direction by applying it to the compass. How to find the direction of Qibla with a compass is explained above.

You can find more information about finding the Qibla direction on our other pages.


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