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How to find qibla without compass?


3 weeks ago

How can we find the direction of Qibla without using a compass? How to find kaaba direction without compass? You can use many methods to find the direction of Qibla without a compass. But first, let us give brief information about the necessity of finding the direction of Qibla. Some conditions must be fulfilled in order to perform the prayer. One of these obligations is istikbal-i qibla. In other words, the prayer must be performed in the direction of the Ka’bah in Mecca. A prayer performed in a direction other than the direction of the Qiblah is invalid. If a person does not know the direction of the Qibla, he should do research before starting the prayer. He should pray in the direction he is convinced of based on the information he has obtained as a result of his research. One cannot pray in any direction without research. After this preliminary information, let us now explain how to find the direction of Qibla without a compass.

You can use the following methods to determine the direction of the Ka’bah according to the geographical location of the country you live in:

a) Finding the Qiblah with the sun: Wherever you are, the direction in which the sun rises is east. When you face the direction in which the sun rises, your back side is west. For the northern hemisphere, your right side is south and your left side is north. From here, you can approximately determine your qibla direction based on the location of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


b) Finding the qibla with a wristwatch: You can also find your qibla with the help of a wristwatch with a dial and the position of the sun. In the northern hemisphere, position the hour hand of your watch (which is short and points to the hour) so that it points to the sun. The bisector between the hour hand of your watch and the 12 o’clock point (the line centering the hour hand and 12 o’clock) will point south. If your country is in the southern hemisphere, intersect the sun with the 12 o’clock point, not the hour hand. That is, position the top 12 o’clock point towards the sun. The sun side of the bisector formed between the 12 o’clock point and the hour hand (the line centering the hour hand and 12 o’clock) will point north and the opposite will point south.

c) Finding the qibla in nature: Ants are sun-loving animals. Therefore, they build their nests in places where they can see the sun. In order to benefit from the sun, they pile the mouth part of their nests on the south side and the soil they remove while building the nest on the north side. Land mosses like moisture and do not like sunlight. Mosses formed on the trunks of trees and stones indicate the north side. The snow on the north-facing side of mountains and slopes melts later.

Today’s internet infrastructure allows you to find your qibla direction precisely and accurately. Some websites that give your qibla direction line from the satellite will also help you a lot in this regard. Log in to by activating the location feature of your cell phone. Your location on the online map will be found within seconds. You can easily determine your qibla direction by means of the qibla direction line drawn between your location and the Kaaba in Mecca. By applying the qibla direction line to the houses, roads, streets, etc. around you, you will be able to determine your qibla direction accurately.


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